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Hi 1ngram

Quite a few of the older Fleischmann tender drives and even the other older motors take a bit of tweeking to get running right
and some do like higher track voltage . The original Fleischmann 6750 and 6755 Analog Controllers put out around 17v even under load . The Newer Fleischmann Loco's are not as demanding

If your friends Lenz system is set at the default voltage it will be 16v not sure what the Dynamis Voltage would be

However it is possible to get the Fleischmann Motors to work OK at a lower voltage I have my Track voltage set at 14V (it used to be 21v with my original power supply)

Nearly all my Fleischmann DCC Loco's are fitted with TCS decoders T1 ,T4x , M1, M4 , MC2 depending what I could fit in.
Most of the Tender Driven Loco's I fitted with T1 decoders
The TCS Decoders with BEMF I did have some problems with the older Locos stalling and not restarting -some I had to adjust CV2 (start volts) up to 20 or more CV6 (mid volts)= 90 , CV5 (top volts) to =250
A couple ran better at slow speed by turning Off BEMF (put a 0 or an even no. in CV61) and utilizing the TCS dither usually set with CV56 = 2 and CV57 = 20

If all the Pickups are clean and the track is clean you should be able to have success

Hope this helps

Regards Zmil
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