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Dear All,

I just looked at the DCC Systems chart and noticed the MX31ZL is missing. Here is the basic data in the same order as on this chart :-

5 additional cabs (can be expanded to 30 if attached to the MX1)
10239 Max number of loco addresses
2 and 4 digit addresses
Yes Consists
Slider and Wheel speed control
4 amp current
Yes Optional Power Boosters
20 Functions
Yes Sound decoder support
Yes Walk around cab
Yes Wireless (EU only)
Yes Accessory decoder support
Yes Routing
Yes Computer Control (USB bulit-in)
CAN Bus for Comms Bus
270 GBP for RRP (400 euros)
2 year warranty

Let me know if you need any more. Here are some links :-

Zimo Website
MX31ZL description
MX31ZL User Manual
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