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Theres two problems with using your average dual controller as jump throttles on the Zephyr.
First, most controllers go way over 16V with no load and the Zephyrs jump port don't represent much of a load at all (1k), that's why your train goes full speed before you're a quarter of the way round.
Second, most controllers supply rectified but unfiltered DC which looks like this:

I don't know if the Zephyr's jump inputs would filter this or not.

Ok three problems :^)
Third, if the dual controller uses a single transformer there may be a problem connecting two of their outputs together as commons unless the controller is designed for common return.

Don Fiehmann's circuit is designed to output +/-12V (8V AC rectified and filtered comes out at approx 12V). It's a nice, neat design, though :^) I envisioned something controlled by a garage door opener for mine but I haven't thought any further about it.

The simplest and safest DIY jump throttle would ideally use a 12V regulator and some kind of emitter follower circuit like this one from Talking Electronics:Simple Throttle, only you wouldn't need such a big heatsink or rectifier.

oh and Hello! :^)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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