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Hi all,
re this thread whiich has raised loads of DODGY SOLUTIONS. Your live steam engines have very small Steam Lines (the Hornby Live Steam particularly so) so do NOT try to save a bit by using possibly dodgy water. You have spent a lot of money getting your pride and joy, do not spoil the ship for a bit of tar.

There are only 3 options that I would use, in fact LTSR's post has hit on 2 and there was another elswhere in the forum, but I would also use this one with caution. The types are as follows:

1 The water from a Fridge Cooling Mechanism (as covered by LTSR) DO NOT USE UNFROZEN ICE CUBES.
2 The water from a Dehumidifier if you have one, if not try to find someone who has. This is the method that I use, having bought one for my previous very damp house.
3 Finally well sifted rain water, I think that you could use a Water Filter for this. But buy one ONLY for this job, this method is my least preferred option.

Hope that this nails this down for you all, I have been into Live Steam since 1972 so feel that I am talking with some bredth of experience.
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