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Just wondering is there any simple setup for giving NEW Hornby track a special coating of some kind in order to make it more rust resistant.
I've just been reading the threads re: Which Track? and see that some tracks are nickel and therefore rust resistant but others are just steel and prone to rust
in say a damp garage. One mentioned was Hornby track.

I'm particularly intrigued as to how a simple electro plating operation might be set up. This would involve a bit of science I know, but I'm sure something can be done fairly cheaply in a bath
of solution whereby your track is connected to a positive charge and say a piece of copper is connected to negative. The low charge then forces the copper to migrate importantly VERY evenly
to your track.

I interested to hear comment even if you think I'm daft.

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Youre daft!

Seriously, eletro plating can be a very dangerous thing to do, chemicals, electricity etc!!!!
You may be better off replacing the track with nickle silver, which isnt plated, but solid.
Plating will eventually wear off and you will be left with track that rusts.

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Well daft is a bit strong, shall we say adventurous !

Setting up an elcro-plating line can be done on the cheap as far as the equipment is concerned (say about GBP 500 to 600) but the electrolite chemical additives to make it work with a reasonable current density are another question. Perhaps you'll get some free samples.

An electroless system is cheaper as far as the equipment is concerned, but the coating will be very thin and probably need replacing very quickly - just a few cleans with a track rubber if you are rather light handed.

Is it worth it, I don't think; so otherwise we would all do it.

Cheaper and easier to junk the old steel track and buy new nickle/silver track. Even Hornby now make it.
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