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DJH " Duke of Gloucester

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G'day all, I have just recieved from DJH a Duke of Gloucester kit I ordered. Construction has proceded well, tender is completed, boiler/footplate is completed, chassis is up and running and I'm stalled on the eccentric for the Caprotti motion rod. The kit makes no distinction as to which one to use as it has several parts of similar shape that also fit another kit. Also the instructions are very poor on this point amounting to fit parts 1 through to 96! Has anyone built one and knows how the eccentric is attached to Caprotti rod. The Caprotti rod is cast from what appears to be nickel silver and is very hard and has resisted drilling up to this point. Help!

I've built about 20 of the DJH/Footplate kits ( Australian NSWGR) and I've not struck this sort of problem before.

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