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Do Bachmann read the Hornby Forum?

I have to laugh as there is always interesting feedback on Bachmann products posted in the Hornby Forum. It made me wonder if Bachmann every pay the Hornby forum a visit!

It is always very constructive feedback too so Bachmann will have few complaints and if they don't pop in occasionally it has to be recommended that they do!

If Bachmann ever had a forum on their website how do you suppose they would react to discussions about Hornby products!

The impression is Bachmann have no plans for a forum.

Should they have one or not?

At the moment Bachmann have to rely entirely on third parties for feedback. Bachmann do get upset occasionally with third party forum and website content. I guess Hornby do too however they do not seem to be as public about it. Not having their own forum and being able to provide direct feedback as a result surely has to be a handicap in the information age that we are in.

Happy modelling
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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