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QUOTE (Dennis David @ 18 May 2006, 18:17) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>So that leaves us back to where we started in all of these types of threads.

BTW There must be a tariff on German locomotives (Must be a Hornby plot) in the UK because you all seem to pay more for them than anywhere else.

May have escaped your attention but we pay more for everything over here than anywhere else. Its even cheaper to imporrt a land rover from abroad than buy from a UK dealer.

Any way back to the subject matter
Lighting please oh and smoke would be nice. Detail that doesn't drop off if you stare at it too hard. Forget the metal bodies the damn things are heavy enough overall anyway but metal setail should be minimum standard on all new rtr loco's or is the fact that they did it 30 years ago reason enough to render it obsolete? Bogies that don't come apart at the seams and metal drive gears would be nice in order to help longevity especially as no one wants to supply spares these days even for production models. Sound is ok but at what cost? the bachmann announcement seems like a hastily contrived reaction to the hornby catalogue to such an extent they still don't dare put a price tag on it. I suppose after that the only thing left to make more accurate wil be the worlds first 1:76 scale weight loco
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