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Do modellers really want more?

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QUOTE Many modellers want more than the basic offerings by Hornby and Bachmann

Noting this comment in a DCC discussion it could make for a good general discusion topic.

Its all very well wanting more but at what price?

How many Bachmann Deltics will be sold with sound chips if they come in at the rumoured £70 above the cost of a standard model?

In terms of detailing how much more could Bachmann and Hornby offer?

They are surely at the limits now?

Running qualities cannot be bettered.

Lets accept that older models and rolling stock are having phased updates so no point in referring to older models. Code 100 track is here to stay as anything less falls apart.

Forget the finescale running gear argument. It is not suitable for the masses.

So what more can seriously be done?

And are you prepared to pay the price?

My personal view is that Hornby and Bachmann offer a value RTR mass produced product at a price and that those who want more can upgrade the product themselves to meet their specific criteria with their own money!

Read the Simon Kohler (Hornby's marketing manager) interview again. Simon makes a very valid point:-

QUOTE Customers come up and say that if we did that, or this, or something else, they would buy it. However, when you eventually produce the product, those customers who said they would buy it don't!

Happy modelling
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>Lights, sound, smoke, finescale enhancements and even better running are possibly the only catagories for consideration. DCC readiness with chips all prefitted?

That would probably do for me, but the DCC chip would have to be the same calibre as a Lenz Gold. Putting a £10 chip into a £300 quid loco is a false economy. On the sound side, I would like it to be synchronised with the wheels so that if you get wheel slip, you get the sound to match. Oh and I'd like ZTC's "Real Feel" ™ as well.

>I'm afraid to ask
Then I won't scare you....

maybe DCC is more nerdy than I thought

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>Maybe Hornby or Bachmann should come up with sound and smoke kits
I'd go for that. I'd even pay a small premium for the "installments" version. But it would be nice if you didn't have to dismantle part of the valve gear first

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