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Quite by accident, I finally found out the reason as to why two coaches bought at a local swap meet, repeatable when linked to other same type coaches derailed on my layouts rail curves.
Coaches in question were Hornby R439s, finding the fitted wheels by which I presumed fitted by Hornby would be best replaced by a better quality all steel wheels.
I contacted Alan Gibson to supply me with full sets, suitable for the R439! Alan Gibson informed me, he was not sure as to the correct diameter of wheels best suited for the R439s - posted were 12mm 4O09 steel wheels (if wheels did not suit, a refund would be made).
I fitted wheels received, and a perfect fit. I noticed that the bogies were now all level to each other, as previously the new purchased coaches were roughly 2mm higher than my original same type coaches. It now left me to try out running the rake of coaches joined together - all the coaches maneuvered the curves without any dreaded derailment.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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