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I think there was a little more to the MTH story.

UP tried to sue them because most of the other manufacturers agreed a portion of the final model (i think it was $2) was to go to UP. but MTH refused and said "sue us". UP promptly did this but at the last minute UP realised this was causing them some serious bad press and accepted a token sum from each manufacturer in exchange for a license to use the logo.

The problem facing the companies is that if they dont sue then someone with less honerable intentions can come along and use the logo and if they are taken to court can point out that the other people who are using the logo dont pay either.

The TOC's in the uk are very carefull about who they give the licences too. in return it can be very frustrating for a company like hornby who spend lots of money on a GNER licence and then the only livery change they do is paint the doors red!!!!

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