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QUOTE (ozwarrior @ 17 Oct 2007, 23:12) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Surely it's better to have a hobby like this than have an affair or something?
Hmm, it would be easy to do both - how likely is it ones other half will venture down to the local club to make sure that you are in fact 'making scenery' for the exhibition layout and not something else of an evening?!

QUOTE (ME 26-06)My gf doesn´t care much, and she supports my hobby. Problem is, she is half Austrian, and looooves ÖBB Taurus and Hercules engines,
Do tell me where I can get a girlfriend with a problem like that from ME 26-06!!

It is perfect when loved ones support a hobby by letting you get on with it and take a benign interest, after all if I had no separate interests from the family I would be driven quite mad(der), and I drive them mad very certainly. A little slack in the lead and the dog is not fighting to escape...although mentioning all the shoes and the hair-dos should only be used as a last resort unless one finds the icy silence relaxing!

I do in fact hide new purchases, but more from myself as I am in denial about how much I have 'invested' in my hobby. They do say house prices are about to decrease (ha! Perhaps tread water...) in the UK so I have convinced myself that pistons & pantographs are a stronger investment than bricks & mortar!
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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