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Dockside warehouse layout

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This is not good!!

I have loads to finish off on my other layouts, but having been inspired by Sandshifters boxfile layout in OO shown on the RMweb forum, I couldn't resist trying in N-gauge.

Below is a XtrkCad layout plan, not decided which of the 5 open ended tracks will be joining up to the cassette on the outside of the boxfile, any thoughts?

I have two boxfiles one of which I will cut the base off and glue it on top of the other boxfile, this will give me a total height of about 140mm.

The internal dimensions of the box file are 235mm wide and 357mm high.(Room size shown bigger, can't get it any smaller)

Huge amount of space!!!

It will be DCC for control as I can use my EZ-command, but not sure on the points yet, may try W.I.T. (wire in tube) just because I've never used it!
It will also give me some much needed practice on inset track work which I've also never done!!

As always thoughts or coments most welcome.

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how much stock can you fit into the short headshunt?

do we see the ideal layout for the new Bachmann/
Grafar shunter?
The short headshunt is very small, this was going to be used to connect up to an external cassette.

I could remove the short straight between the two turnouts and make the short headshunt longer, the other tracks will also end up shorter though.

Will play about abit with the files first, it's very good just print out at 1:1 scale and then it's actual size, perfect for fitting into the boxfile!

Oh and which new Bachmann/Grafar shunter?

Have altered the layout and removed the short straight between the turnouts, also included the part numbers.
ST1 is 87mm long.
I will probably use flexitrack for all the straights so that it can be cut right up to the boxfile edges., so the straights will be slightly longer than the ST1 as shown on the pic.

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QUOTE Oh and which new Bachmann/Grafar shunter


the new , forthcoming reviewed in Model Rail mag?

by orientating the whole plan onto a curve, the headshunt could be angled up towards the top right corner a bit more.thus giving extra length?
QUOTE why?

the new , forthcoming reviewed in Model Rail mag?

Because I have nothing to run on this layout!!!

Just working out dimensions, It looks like I could actually get the GraFar 04 Shunter and 1 wagon on each of the sidings.
Need to move things alittle but it will fit.
Moving one wagon at a time is going to be unique!

Just going to see if I can put everything on the curve to see if it gives more room.

Good thinking!

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another option is narrow gauge?

I have an old Grandt Line boxcab loco..(the Hetch Hetchy Dam prototype)...which is but an inch long......can be had in HOn3, but mine's HO......

what about a steeple cab 4 wheel electric?

more fun having to work out working overead wires???
or...since its going to be ''dockside'', why not a ro-rail tractor?

then you would have fun arranging to control rails?

faller road system?

wouldn't need a run round loop....nor much of a head shunt.........

but is that cheating?

what about working capstan shunting?

After much messing about came up with this as a layout plan:-

I think it works quite well.
The warehouses are going to be the Scalescenes warehouse, as I've already paid for them may as well keep printing them out and using them!

The ultra low profile is just the front wall glued to the backscene, hopefully I will be able to modify the door opening so that the engine will disappear through it.
I will also need to remove the top floor so that the box file lid will actually close, have glued a box file on top of the other but total height is only about 145mm, the dock edge is about 25mm so hence the top floor going!
The low profile warehouse is just one module wide and again is glued to the back scene.

Coming from the top left hand corner across the back wall then down to the warehouse I may use the low profile arches will have to see.
Just got to make the dock edges, again using the scalescenes kit, this will then give me the height I need for the baseboard.

Anybody got any suggestions on what to cover the tracks with as I need to make them inset.

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Hi Ian

Looks like a nice plan for a mini layout there.

I have seen people use cardboard to give the impression that the track is in concrete, or you could use plaster.
QUOTE (Raider @ 8 Oct 2007, 19:40) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I have seen people use cardboard to give the impression that the track is in concrete, or you could use plaster.

Metcalfe do a nice line in cobbles which are available in N - they are well worth checking out.

and to avoid the varnish water thing, why not make the quayside area one of ''low tide?' stinky mudflats, sea weed, skeletal wreck of a small boat...maybe a lighter sat on the an angle?

don't forget the large wooden pilings, and the rusty ladders down in the [water, but the tide is out]

the tatty rope hawsers draped over the quay side.....

and if the tide is out, you'll have the green seaweedy line for the normal high water mark?

and to finish it off, empty the oily fluid out of a tin of mackeral fillets, onto the mudflats for a true olefactory air?
QUOTE (dbclass50 @ 9 Oct 2007, 20:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>or the odd supermarket trolley or two !

so....does someone do an etched kit for a supermarket N scale???
Thanks for the suggestions....

I want to try the woodland scenics realistic water, so this will be used as the water, lets see what it turns out like.

Story so far...

The box files glued one on top of the other, top one has had the base removed, I 've lined the inside walls with thin plain white card.
You can see the pencil markings near the back where the warehouse and backscene will be, these may change yet, need to see how it looks, with things in position....when I've built them that is!

The dock edge is scalescenes, this actually comes with an A4 sheet of concrete and a A4 sheet of cobblestone so I will print these out and see how it looks.
Need to build the piles and glue them to the front dock edge, just trying to get everything level first.

Just a view from the front, that join will be much smaller and hidden behind a pile when I get to the assembley stage.

You can see the two front faces of the orignal box files lying down, just prised these away from the boxfile.
glued the top to the bottom then wrapped the join with black duck tape as it looks very similar to the original black webbing.

You won't see these from the front, but a close up of the steps, just got to put the wall tops on all the way round.
I think it looks quite effective.

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I can just see a small 4 wheel steeplecab electric loco, powered off the overhead with a trolley pole, shuffling around...........just to tie this thread in with several others, of course!

very well done

oh...and Kadee-as-was couplers?
QUOTE (alastairq @ 9 Oct 2007, 20:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>so....does someone do an etched kit for a supermarket N scale???

I'm sure that there is one or two plastic ones available in HO, so there may be in "N" - BRITHO will probably know or if not will find out.
Latest so far.

Just need to finish off covering the road and tracks with the cobblestone paper that comes in the dock edge kit, I can then start on the buildings.

Just waiting for the Woodland Scenics realistic water to dry, the base coat was just blue/green paint mixed up and slapped on.
I didn't really measure the mix but when you look close it does have a slightly different shade here and there, I reckon it looks ok, for waves and ripples it may be best to use the Woodland Scenics 'Water Effects' instead.

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The realistic water has dried a bit, needs more time but have been able to take a few pics with the layout in the boxfile.

Trying different backscenes at the minute, although there will be a couple of warehouses built and put towards the back of the layout so most of it will be hidden anyway!.
These ones look too small to me, may need to play about a little more to get them looking right, will have to see what I have and may change it completely.

If a good manufacturer came a long and did good backscenes in the correct scale to suit different height backs they would make a fortune!!

And a couple at eye level:-

The water has lowered alot as it's dried, so I may put another layer on. This can be done once the first layer has completely dried(MIN 24HRS)
I did some test patches on scrap card first thing yesterday and that has now completely dried, smooth and non tacky.
It was a much thinner covering so this may take a while longer.
Oh and make sure it's covered over as it's dried.....had to dig a bloody moth out of this, it's very close to the dock edge so isn't that noticeable!

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what an excellent effort, Ian.......well done.

Can I suggest not filling the centre with too many buildings?

There is a real sense of spaciousness with N gauge.

perhaps a dockside crane lying idle and rusting, with its own tracks, straddling a running track...would have same theatrical effect as a tunnel?

lovely effect tho' well done!
QUOTE (alastairq @ 9 Oct 2007, 20:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>so....does someone do an etched kit for a supermarket N scale???

QUOTE (dbclass50 @ 10 Oct 2007, 08:07) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I'm sure that there is one or two plastic ones available in HO, so there may be in "N" - BRITHO will probably know or if not will find out.

I think Noch do or did a shoppers set in HO not sure if it was available in N though. I suspect it would have to be nade of clear plastic with judicious paint details.

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