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Dortmund Intermodellbau..Aftermath

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Hi Guys,

Back from Dortmund, the Mecca of all modelrail fairs.

It was truely an experience of a lifetime. Quite different from Nurnberg, larger in scale, sensational layouts, Seminars, workshops, new products and lots of modellbahn shops which sell all sorts of models and accesorries, quite bad actually for the wallet.

The fourth day we had a chance to visit the Eisenbahnn Museum at Dahlhausen , got a chance to ride a V200 in era 2 coaches and see a running steamer Br65
which was the highlight of the trip.(photo's will follow in another thread)

But first the show. Anyone interested of more detailed photo's of the stunning layouts can visit:

and can click on the Berichte's, my photos are not as good as Dougs, I used a Sony T3 and some are flue due to a lot of shouldering done and of backpackers.

A lot of hall's for the interests of everyone in all line of Hobbies.

For the airplane enthusiasts

If your game is sailing and boats

...or racing

all in huge hall's. Model rails was in Hall 6&8

The first thing that struck me when entering hall 6 was the MicroMetakit stand, They have produced some HO American outline diesels.Guess they are aiming for their hearts and wallets.

KM Modellbau's Br 85 was just gorgeous

New Inovations? This Anti-Acoustic self glued ballast beds got my attention.

Oh how I was looking forward to buy the new Trix SNCF 150X but Trix guys told me that I had to wait till May and that only the Maerklin one is out in the shops. Therefore I just had to stare at it at their stand.

I have always wondered how the shadow stations worked on simple one mainline straight layouts. Two very fine examples:

As for the layouts my true winner was the Modellbahnfreunde Maifelt groups layot. Lovely Loco sheds and loco facillities

Grafenwelde from Tim Hale UK, shows you a minimal layout but with astonishing realism.

The BSW-FZG Harzquer- und Brockenbahn Wernigerode groups layout had a magnificent pier, first class

The Americans, Hub division, hada big layout and alot of trains with heavy loads wondering around and around testing the endurance of the loco's

...and finally can't think of aa American layout without a baseball field

...will be continued

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Thanks for showing your pictures Baykal. Good to see an excellent British made layout over there too. I love that one with the sailing boats too.
Great pics Baykal & thanks for posting them.

BTW - the "Anti-acoustic" roadbed has been around for a few years now, but probably due to the cost is not that popular, even though it is a good product.
I must try and get over for the show either next year or soon after. Thanks for the pictures, some very intersting stuff!

Here are some more bits & pieces from the fair:

Giant sized radio controlled trucks and working machines

All made from cardboard models

A lot of Dora's

The battle of Waterloo

A steam powered Br56

can watch the film of it along with KM loco

Beautiful radio controlled boats of all kinds and massive planes

another short film

..and finally, can anybody spot the gag in this photo?

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Is it the bike without a seat

Is it the locomotive driver leaning on the post

Pretty sure its not the grim reaper, there are still trains running.

The gag as I would understand it is that 'The Reaper' awaits the passenger who glimpsed him yesterday in some distant location, and has travelled an enormous distance at the greatest possible speed to some quiet out of the way spot to hide. When the passenger meets his end Death remarks "When I saw you yesterday while attending the jumper on Sydney Harbour bridge, it seemed impossible that you should meet me here at Kleindorf in Schonental platform".
QUOTE (ebaykal @ 26 Apr 2008, 12:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Grafenwelde from Tim Hale UK, shows you a minimal layout but with astonishing realism.

Tim Hale is a name I'm sure I've seen metioned before on the forum, a very nice little layout. If you're a member of MRF take a bow!

QUOTE (ebaykal @ 28 Apr 2008, 10:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>..and finally, can anybody spot the gag in this photo?

I was thinking along the lines of dieing of boredom while waiting for something to happen!

Overall looks like a good all round modelling show - not just raiways but a bit (lot?) of everything.

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