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Thanks for the feedback guys!

The layout uses the same basic track layout and function as the completed Hornby Track Mat, albeit slightly larger in length and width as I've extended the main straights and added an extra outer loop line and station to enable 3 trains to run at once.

With regard to the Hornby J94's I have an 06 release weathered early BR model, a green NCB called 'Whiston' which I bought new in 2000 and my latest edition is the rather nice maroon 'Harry' NCB loco. I purchased this second hand off Ebay about a month ago.

I'm not sure when Hornby released 'Harry' [does anyone here know?], but my loco didn't run at all well at first so I've since fitted a new motor and collectors and cleaned up the wheels and its now become one of my smoothest-running locos!

The NRM headboard came off my NRM edition Flying Scotsman - I just blue-tacked it to 'Evening Star' coz I thought it fitted well.

The grass/tufts are the same sort Hornby used in their 06 catalogue. I emailed them to see where they bought it from and a nice lady gave me the website link, which I'll give you below:

Small grass tufts:

Sheets of grass:

All the best,
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