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Bear with me for a moment, I've been thinking.

What features would your ideal DCC system have? Feel free to invent new features if you want something that doesn't exist; just explain what it is please!

And let's leave price out of it, I'm sure you'd love to get your Lenzimotrax EZ Prodigy Maus 511 for a couple of quid, but it's not going to happen, then again neither is the system so on with the show.

What do I want?

Firstly I'd like it to be compatible with existing decoders, even if the system itself isn't NMRA compliant.

Get rid of the communications and feedback bus/net, it's not needed. A total of 3 wires is all it takes to control everything and not have shorts closing down the whole system (trust me on this, I've got it all worked out).

A proper bi-directional communications protocol, so that the decoders/stationary decoders, command station, block detectors, throttles/computer interface, and what-have-you are all communicating directly with each other.

Wireless throttles, whether it's done by radio, infrared, bluetooth or laser beam from Mars, I don't want cables everywhere.

While I'm at it a wireless computer interface would be nice too.

On the subject of throttles, something like a PDA with a speed control knob on it would be nice. Tabbed screens for Loco control, address selection, accessories, and programing would be better than dozens of buttons.

How about some decent signal & accessory control commands built into the communications protocol? Rather than just left/right, closed/thrown, on/off as it stands ATM.

I'm sure I could think of many other things but that will do for the moment.
Now, what do you want?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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