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Ilike the impression of space - very nice.

I look forward to seeing more.


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QUOTE (zmil @ 16 Oct 2008, 11:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Andrew

Good work ! It doesn't look 4 ft deep though

Regards Zmil

Hi Zmil, Thanks for your comment, its an 8x4 oval with a small fiddle year at the rear. The backscene is about 75cm from the front edge as you noticed. So the branch appears from the tunnel and disappears to the right into a very wooded cutting. radius is about 20" which was the best i could do in 8x4 and the station has a slight curve through it. The green building on the left is the main station building, definitely an economy job after the earlier one was destroyed by fire. I kept it small and low so as not to block or dominate the view from the front, and also to indicate that this was not major stop. The siding on the left front is for timber and the far one by the tunnel mouth has huts, oil drums a pump shed and office, an early kind of rural
fuel depot I will try to get some pics. The parcels shed in the middle is about the middle of the village. and layout.
I am debating whether it needs a start signal at each end of the station and am contemplating where to put station furniture and people. I like these to be both visually aesthetic and to add to the story about this village and its life.
Thanks for kind feedback from others too.
regards, Andrew
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