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I'm with Gary on this one.
No manners, no respect and no punishment seems to be the norm now.

In school the cane taught me to have respect for the teachers (I didn't go back for a second dose!)
As an eighteen year old a clip around the ear from the local Bobby taught me not to wander the streets at night in a drunk and disorderly fashion.
As a parent a gentle tap on the leg taught my offspring how far to push me.
God help us all in ten years time if things continue to go as they are now.

If the culprits are caught for this train incident, they should be give a sharp, short shock of a physical nature and be warned of the possibility of double the dose at the next sign of trouble.
All the politically correct do-gooders out there can kiss my a
se. It never did me any harm!!
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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