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I think the bottom line is:-

DC - one loco per live electrical feed
DCC - In real terms the limit is determined by the depth of your wallet.

My layout is currently wired as 4 sections - two per main line. Each main line pair is connected to one half of a H&M Duette (that's variable resistance DC control for those too young to remember a Duette).

I can run two locos at the same time - one these already has a Lenz gold in it.

There are no isolation sections at all, the whole layout is live because, as regular readers will know, I am going to convert to DCC just as soon as a UK version of the ECoS lands in the UK (sounds like late October from other threads on here).

Until then I am stuck with two loco control and no flexibility in operation. If I want to have more DC locos, I will have to add switches and an awful lot more wiring.

I really don't think you can from DCC wiring to DC wiring, but you can go from DC to DCC. Connect the DCC to the DC feed and close all your section switches.

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