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QUOTE (aclarke9 @ 1 Mar 2009, 07:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi There Guys, I've joined the forum today but I must say this is the only forum I'm into so the screen is a bit confusing but I'm sure I'll get used to It.

Hi and welcome to the forum, you'll find friendly and expert advice here, certainly more knowledgeable on Doublo than myself

I've recently started to collect some 3 rail Dublo Items generally from eBay, although I do have my Fathers 3 rail SNG in the loft which will come out of retirement at some stage in the near future. Which brings me to my first request for Help, I want to make a dublo layout, nothing too large, 6 x 4 maximum, But I would like to replicate one of the dealer display boards or even a layout from the cover of one of the brochures..... 1955 Table top railway looks nice and simple !

This rang a bell, only insofar as I recalled an article in Model Rail on a restoration project involving a shop display layout.
It was entitled 'Dublo revival' and it was published in the Christmas 2007 edition (No. 112)

There was a reference to the club website: for information and photo's.

Good luck with your efforts, and keep us posted on the forum

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