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Hi There Guys, I've joined the forum today but I must say this is the only forum I'm into so the screen is a bit confusing but I'm sure I'll get used to It.

I've recently started to collect some 3 rail Dublo Items generally from eBay, although I do have my Fathers 3 rail SNG in the loft which will come out of retirement at some stage in the near future. Which brings me to my first request for Help, I want to make a dublo layout, nothing too large, 6 x 4 maximum, But I would like to replicate one of the dealer display boards or even a layout from the cover of one of the brochures..... 1955 Table top railway looks nice and simple !

Does anybody have any idea where I could find layout details of the display boards ??
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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