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Hi Jim,
Yours looks extremely tidy compared to mine. Here's a short video of the wiring on the underside of the baseboard on the original part of my layout, it then moves up to a control section just below the
layout level, where the programming track is, showing the Roco modules for points and signals, and the digikeijs feedback modules. Admittedly, a lot of the wiring needs tidying up as there are still elements not connected, but still doesn't include any control or lighting wiring to my recent extension to the layout which so far only has the BUS cables run around it. Although it looks messy in places, mostly due to lack of space at the module locations, everything is labeled up and I have used a colour coding system to hopefully allow me to trace cables if anything goes wrong.

I seem to remember at the onset of DCC , reading somewhere that it cut down on all the wiring of a conventional DC layout. Not quite sure what was meant by that :)
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