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Dublo Three Rail Layout

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Back in 2016, after a break of a few decades, I decided to get back into railway modelling. For some reason I can't quite fathom, I decided not to create a scale model with modern models, but instead started accumulating a range of Hornby Dublo three rail equipment. Fast forward to 2018, and the layout that I eventually built took shape as a very old-school double track oval with reversing loop, goods yard, turntable and engine shed and a four track terminus, all on a board that is 8'x4'. The funny thing is, I'm getting more enjoyment out of it than I did from all the terminus to fiddle yard scale models I have had in the past. Both our grandsons love it too. It's too early to say whether or not our granddaughter is interested, although she has watched the trains go around, but then she's only one year old.

here is the track plan. All the points, signals and uncoupling ramps that are not easily reached from the control panel are electrically operated.


Here is an overhead view of one end of the layout. The Flying Scotsman is a Trix model and the Caledonian locomotive at the far end, somewhat improbably hauling a rake of Gresley LNER teak stock is a GEM body kit on a Tri-ang B12 chassis converted to three rail. Everything else is Dublo.

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I had to declerestorise a Triang roof once, I'd never do it again though. For any foolish enough to be interested, this is how I did it:

Top left - Starting point
Top right - Squares of 2mm plastic card used to brace the inside of the roof before surgery
Middle left - Clerestory portion removed with razor saw and packed out with 2mm plastic card
Middle right - .010 plastic sheet laid to slightly overlap the cut out and endlessly scraped, sanded back and primed to remove the join.
Bottom left - Roof primed and gas lamp tops fitted, Some remedial work remains to be done.
Bottom right - Finished roof, with ventilators added also. This now awaits black paint.
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Do not try this at home....

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