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I was just wondering how much duplication there is in the Continent?
And if so does it cause some irritation like the UK market?
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Why do people complain so much about duplication? Do they only have one of each type on their layout? Very unprototypical I'd say.
Not really looked at the OH market, but in 'N' between Fleischmann, Arnold and Minitrix, it's fairly simular to the UK OO market...
Yes, there is a fair bit but because it's a bigger market there is room for it. It allows the buyer choice, e.g. whether he wants plastic or metal body, wether he wants sound or not.
Got to agree with Neil there & in my experience does not cause any problems at all.

Just wish there was a bit more SNCB & CFL stuff.
Duplication- no issues if buying more than one model of a Roco 232 but what is the point of every manufacturer producing the same loco whilst equally worthwhile prototypes are ignored?

Four versions of the 232, even more crazy when you consider that Maerklin are getting in on the act, are they unaware of the fact that AC has virtually no following beyond the Oder?

What is missing? For starters:

DR Reko BR03+BR41, BR83, BR44Kst Wendler, BR58.30 (next year from Gutzold) + egg head Dostos and flat-fronted Dostos.

DB BR03.10 rebuild, just perfect for those Heris Dostos

Industrial diesels from Henschel, some 0-6-0's?
Duplication is only ever a waste if two very similar models are made at the same time, otherwise leave a gap of few years and European standards will have moved on so the new model will have DCC sound space inside, or a sinus drive, or tail lights and super detailing, or chrome-molybendium metal body etc. or smaller wheel rims etc. etc. Endless variations in livery, running number, smoke deflectors, bells and whistles etc. mean the scope for variety for just one class is huge. Add a budget model from e.g. Piko and a range-topper from e.g. Roco and you can see that 'exact duplication' just doesn't happen! The market is bigger then UK but model railways are a challenging business environment for all manufacturers so there won't be four versions of the 232 unless the manufacturers think it will sell. Also, if the 232 is a very popular model then even if A makes it, if B makes it then people may buy more of other things from B at the same time in starter sets / train packs / digital etc.
Also define an:

QUOTE (72C @ 17 Dec 2007, 13:21) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>equally worthwhile prototype

please! As an arbitrary example, you may desire a BR44Kst Wendler a great deal but I might not give a hoot whether it was ever made or not! I agree there are many gaps and several gaping holes but who should plug which gap first and with what level of model?
Four versions of the 132 may sound somewhat excessive whilst no version of the 130?

Whether your choices are mine is irrelevant, I am merely supplying examples of prototypes which are missing from the market place.
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