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Noch DVD scenery guide - "St. Peter"Layout

A step by step guide to building a layout using Noch products
Product number: 71 916

The 70 minute film shows the construction and scenery building on the "St. Peter" layout - a typical continental HO layout. The railway layout itself is a very simple oval with a passing loop and siding.

The Film can be watched in German or in English. The English version is narrated by a British woman so it is very easy to understand.

The principals used in the film can very easily be applied to any layout including a OO scale British model.

The film uses Noch products obviously, but the techniques shown can of course be used with other products. The steps to a complete layout are:

  • Terra-Form base structure, plastering & Structured hard-foam rocks, tunnel portals, viaduct, embankments & walls.
  • Landscaping hills, rivers & fields.
  • Roads & streets.
  • Water - lakes, rivers, waterfalls & ponds.
  • Laser-cut bridges, houses, plants & small scenery details.
  • Trees: different types including assembling your own.
  • Plants: cultivated crops, gardens, flowers etc.

I found the advice on water particularly interesting. I have some of the Noch water products and I was slowly building the courage to try them out. This video has made the process quite a bit easier. So I'll show you my attempts in the next few months.

The DVD retails for about €9.99 and is available from your local Noch outlet.

Here are some detailed photos of the layout.

Plant Building Rectangle Urban design Slope

Building Plant Vehicle Window Urban design

Plant Property Building World Window

Sky Building Automotive tire Plant Grass

Building Window House Toy Vehicle

DFT - May 2011
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