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QUOTE (Puzzler @ 23 Jun 2008, 22:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi all..

I was just looking in the manual that came with the Dynamis, but I could not see any reference as to whether you can run a DC Loco with this unit, I know with some DCC controllers you can do this, has anyone tried it?


>***AFAIK you cannot.

I think U are in N scale Puzzler - if thats the case then I'd suggest caution with this. The method used to simulate DC is to stretch the pulses to simulate directional voltages and the loco still really taking an AC pulse in real terms, which is why its always noisy... and such methods always generate a lot of heat.


Having seen a customers tough old fleischmann HO DC motor actually melted by leaving it on DCC overnight without a DCC chip in it, I'd NEVER run an N scale DC loco on a DCC system - you have a very good chance of coming to grief with overheated and damaged motors.... even if its only on the track for a few minutes.

If you want to still be able to run DC, then keep a DC controller and wire the output of that and a DCC system via a double pole double throw switch so you can alternate between the two systems. (DCC = two terminals on one side of switch, DC ditto on the other, Track power from centre 2 terminals - You probably know what a DPDT switch is but just in case not, the diagramme below may explain)

The O symbols are the 6 terminals of a standard DPDT switch

DC to the DCC
ctrl Track ctrl




1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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