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Dynamis and Hornby R8247 Accesory Decoder

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hiya group,

I've just joined the group and a newby to dcc but getting there slowly!

My DCC controller is Dynamis

I'm thinking of buying a Hornby Accessory Decoder R8247 with the aim of attatching 2 hornby R406 colour light signals and controlled from my Dynamis.

Firstly has anyone tried this and does it work

I read that these new hornby decoders are different to the R8216's in that the 4 outlets can be adjusted through CV values for a continous pulse so continous lighting can be achieved - hopefully for my colour light signals. If this can be done I'd be grateful if someone could tell me how to put these CV values into my Dynamis.

Any help/instructions would be appreciated



PS - on a separate subject this new Skalelighting system from hornby (R8947 - R8952)- what actually powers it - a transformer?
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Hi Brendan

Welcome to the forum

I had a quick look at the Hornby website and it appears that you can have continuous output from the accessory decoder
but there is no documentation that you can download regarding changing the CV values to adjust it. One would assume
that there would be a manual of some sort that comes with the accessory decoder.

Before committing your Hard earned Money on this have a look at some of the threads on this forum regarding Point and signaling DCC or otherwise -Search for Masterswitch which can be used to operate both point motors and Signals

There are other ways of operating signal lights automatically from the layout without using an output of the accessory decoder

Hope this helps

Regards Zmil
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Hi Bren & welcome to MRF.

Have a trawl through the other threads to give you a little more information on accessory decoders.
On Horndy SkaleLighting Horndy DCC and DC controllers have a 15v outlet for SkaleLighting or other outlets shuch as DC points motors and the mentioned R406 colour light signals with help from the R040 TWO-WAY LEVER SWITCH. Any outlet at 15 votes should work.
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