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hiya group,

I've just joined the group and a newby to dcc but getting there slowly!

My DCC controller is Dynamis

I'm thinking of buying a Hornby Accessory Decoder R8247 with the aim of attatching 2 hornby R406 colour light signals and controlled from my Dynamis.

Firstly has anyone tried this and does it work

I read that these new hornby decoders are different to the R8216's in that the 4 outlets can be adjusted through CV values for a continous pulse so continous lighting can be achieved - hopefully for my colour light signals. If this can be done I'd be grateful if someone could tell me how to put these CV values into my Dynamis.

Any help/instructions would be appreciated



PS - on a separate subject this new Skalelighting system from hornby (R8947 - R8952)- what actually powers it - a transformer?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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