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Dear All,

If you are looking for decoders for LGB with all the bells and whistles (literally), then you might wanto to consider the "Easyline" ZIMO Decoder kit. This is a special kit which comes with an adapter from Manhart for easy fitting (and all the screws and wires needed), plus a ZIMO sound decoder (MX690), a smoke generator and working couplings, all controlled by the ZIMO decoder. These kits are not cheap (around 200 to 250 euros, depending on the LGB model), but are probably the best set of components on the market for the complete DCC experience with LGB. See here for more details. It's in German, but the pictures show most of what you get, and if you need this in English, let me know and I'll do a quick and dirty translation! The documentation for the MX690 is available in English and is comprehensive, including connection and controlling of smoke generators and couplings. Sounds are availabel for many of the LGB locos (steam and diesel) and come pre-loaded.

ZIMO do produce a wireless controller, but it is expensive as you need the base station as well as just the controller, so I would not recommend a ZIMO controller if your budget is limited. Roco are about to release a wireless version of the Multimaus, which may be worth waiting for. The standard Multimaus puts out plenty of volts for a garden railway, so this should be OK. One of the key limitations of the old (wired) Multimaus was lack of CV read-out, but this is overcome in the new version. See more in this topic. I am not sure of the release date of this, but it ought to be out soon, presumably in time for Christmas?
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