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QUOTE (PaulRhB @ 4 Dec 2007, 21:14) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The NCE will act as a cab for a PowerPro system.
That's probably the best way to upgrade from the PowerCab, as going the Smartbooster etc route, starts to encroach on PowerPro territory without a really significant gain.
Better value for money to just go straight to a PowerPro and use your PowerCab as the extra throttle.

QUOTE (PaulRhB @ 4 Dec 2007, 21:14) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The Dynamis with a pro box and booster will be around £300 as are most of the other similar spec systems.
Dynamis basic is retailing for anything from £80 to £95.
The EZ Booster retails for £80 to £85.
Thats £160 to £180.
Bachmann have said the Pro Box may be in the £50 to £60 bracket, which would give you a total cost of between £210 and £240.
If the Pro Box ends up with an increase in power output, then the booster may not be required. That reduces the total cost of the Dynamis Pro system to the £130 to £145 range. That's a long way off £300.

For comparison a Lenz Set 100 with a TR150 transformer and the computer interface would cost between £350 and £375.
That's without any provision for cordless/wireless operation.

The Prodigy Advance Squared cost around £200. That's without a computer interface (it doesn't have one), or wireless.
The wireless version or conversion kit will cost well over £300.

To be perfectly honest, I think if anyone is looking for much more out of this system (other than route setting), then they really should be thinking about much more expensive kit.
ECoS is an obvious upgrade and I think the Dynamis handsets can be used with that.
I believe that the Dynamis may redefine the budget to mid-range in DCC systems. If it's a big seller in the USA, then it'll be interesting to see if the other US manufacturers respond.


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QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 10 Dec 2007, 02:12) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>(2) We shouldn't confuse an IR remote with radio remote - they are totally different in use - an IR is exactly like a TV remote and totally limited in range and MUST be line of sight - It is also very low cost and is usually only ONE direction, ....
Whilst you are correct about line of sight, I understand that they've attempted to get as wide coverage as possible so that you don't have to point the handset directly at the IR base station.
The Dynamis IR system is TWO-Way, unlike devices like a TV remote which could be classified as "fire and forget" only.
If the base unit looses communication with the handset, it applies an emergency stop. Users are reporting that the delay setting for this is configurable and can be switched off.
You are also right that compared to radio, IR is low cost. I imagine that Bachmann couldn't have delivered radio wireless at this price.
I personally think that bringing in wireless handsets at under UK £99 (retailing from £75 to £95) is an achievement in itself and could spur others into speeding up introduction of their own wireless systems/options to the UK/Europe (subject to the frequency approvals underway at present). Hopefully with the beneficial effect of reducing their cost.

QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 10 Dec 2007, 02:12) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>On the other hand Radio is expensive to do well... and much more versatile. The ESU mobile control has a working range of over 100 metres and will pass through walls and bodies quite happily.
Absolutely, but the cost is a limiting factor for those on a budget or not prepared to pay upwards of £300 or £400 for the privilege. Wireless, even if it's only IR, is now an option for under £99.
Surely that can only be a good thing?
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