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dynamis pre-ordered

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has anyone pre-ordered the dynamis yet. i was thinling about it. concidering what i have said in a previous post. it would be better than the hornby. even though bachmann spoke with forked tongue. replies most welcome.

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Yes I have John
After having a go with one, it is a very nice well put together piece of equipment and will be well used, its just a pity that Bachmann wont be releasing the accessory units at the same time.

I don't think you can go wrong at the price, and to Bachmann's credit their certainly giving it plenty of attention and testing. I do like the ideal of not releasing the Dynamis for sale until they have ironed out some of the snags. It's a better way of doing things.
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mmad & peter. i have decided to go for the dynamis. i just pre-ordered it, let's hope there is no more delays with it.

The Dynamis is slated for September / October now.

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