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Dynamis & R406 Hornby Accessory Decoder - Signal Lighting

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hiya group, I managed to get my R406 Hornby colour signal lights working with the R8247 Accessory decoder - there on continually and change red to green no probs
- thanks for all your advice, I'm chuffed it works.

However on one decoder output I attached a Berko B303 (red/green) Light Signaling Twin Platform hoping for the same result. It has 3 wires just like hornbys R406. Problem is I could only get one light to work, and could'nt toggle between coloured lights as I could with the R406. Swithing the wires resulted in the other light working - but the same problem of not been able to toggle occurs.

The Berko 303's use LED's and have a resistor on the wiring.

Any advice or suggestions to get the Berko 303 toggling between red/green would be very welcome. Thx Bren
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Hi Brendan

The LED lights are dependent on the polarity of the voltage they receive
So with the 3 wires one is probably a common +ve (or a common -ve)

They should work OK on AC power as well (only working when the voltage is the right polarity , but to fast to notice the "off" period)

How are you powering the accessories from the decoder?

Regards Zmil
Hi Zmil,

thanks for the info.

the hornby accessory decoder is powered from the dcc track, which in turn powers the 4 outlets, at present have 2 hornby R406 colour signals working fine on 2 outlets.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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