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QUOTE (Gwent rail @ 28 Oct 2006, 08:56) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I have wondered about the Bachmann attitude to forum criticism for some time.
As we are the customers and they are the suppliers, are we in a situation where the tail is trying to wag the dog?
If their business is profitable, it's because we buy the products they make. Let me make it clear for them:-
THEY HAVE NEVER DONE ME ANY FAVOURS, indeed by spending my money on their products, the opposite is possibly true.
Perhaps they think that all forum members only talk about it and never do any Railway Modelling, if so they need to be more professional with their market research.
At least Hornby have an adult attitude and Simon K is known to respond frequently to points made in forums. (yes Gary, I did say something nice about Hornby !! ) Cheers

Very well put Jeff
. We all know the Customer is not always right, but Bachmann's attitude does smack of arrogance
1 - 1 of 133 Posts
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