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I very much doubt that the bachman dynamis system will be worth waiting for we heard all the hype about the hornby system I firmly believe that this was a future project that Bachman were in the early stages of developing and they are now trying to rush it out to compete with hornby.

I was advised when i was looking for a DCC sytem to wait for hornby. I ignored that advise and bought a lenz set 100 which does me nicely. If you are seriously into your DCC I would say that the top of the range NCE sytem or the new Ecos would be a better bet I very much doubt that the bachman system will be any more technologically advanced than them and we don't know what Lenz have in store it is some time since the set 100 came out and i wouldn't be at all surprised if they haven't got a next generation dcc system under development
1 - 1 of 133 Posts
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