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Can anyone give me some info in this system due for release from Bachmann probably at the Warly Show DYNAMIS?

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QUOTE With the s88 system I guess this means you run another bus extra to the track in order to connect all the point motors to the system?
Does this mean you have to get your motors from Esus or can you use any motor and just get there point decoder like on other systems.

ESU don't make point motors. They have forthcoming point decoders called Switchpilot which will come ou this year. There has been a parrallel thread about the use of points with DCC which may be of interest to you.
QUOTE (Gary @ 12 May 2007, 17:56) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>From the Dynamis website FAQ:-
How is this going to work then and what programming modes will be available with Dynamis "Standard"?

Hornby offer a design with their Select for a wiring circuit for a seperate isolated programming track and you can switch between this and the main track.

Main track programming does not normally enable a mode that permits CV's to be read.

Ecos users may be able to help here.

If there are additional features available when the Pro box is added then the menus for these surely will have to be incorporated into the controller pad. Presumably the menus will only appear when a Pro box is detected. The Pro upgrade situation begs a number of questions in terms of modes and CV writing/read back.

Or am I missing something?

Happy modelling

With the ECoS you can programme all but CV1 on the main. You have to put the loco on the programming track to read the decoders current settings.

The ECoS allows several types of programming.
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21 - 22 of 133 Posts
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