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E-Z command question

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Hi there.

I have just wired up my layout with the wiring diagram that Brian kindly provided for me but when I go to connect up the 1st and 2nd and 3rd the work fine but when I go to connect the 4th power feed leading to the sidings the controller starts bleeping and all the lights on the controller light up like a christmas tree.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening as when I have looked at the paperwork that came with the controller there is nothing to explain what is happening.

Any help would be greatfull.
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No-one else has replied so I'll give what little help I can.

The wiring diagram that you were given does not have numbers on it so it's not clear what you mean by the fourth connection or indeed the previous three.

It may seem obvious, but first check that you are not making the fourth connection the wrong way round. This may not be as stupid as it sounds. On an oval layout you must not think of the 'front track' and 'back track' but you must think of the 'inside track' and the 'outside track'. I am sorry if you think that this is insulting but it was a necessary start. (My car handbook says under the "If the car won't start" section - 1. Check that there is fuel in the tank!)

Assuming that this is not the cause then I would suggest that there has to be a short circuit somewhere. Try removing all the connections and making them one at a time in different places. One of your points may be faulty. If the layout is not yet permanently glued down you could disconnect some sections to see whether that isolates the problem.

I hope that will be of some help and that I couldn't be more specific.
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There is definitely a short somewhere as that is what the EZ-Command does should this happen.

You have a positive and negative feed meeting on the same rail at some point on your layout.

Name the rails 1 and 2. All rails 1 should have identical feeds (+?) and all rails 2 should have identical feeds (-?)

If rail 1 and rail 2 and any of the circuits off meet anywhere then that is the cause of the short. Thats how Warley MRC teach its members to tackle DCC and the method seems to work!

Happy modelling
Hi there guys I managed to get it sorted out this morning I had placed a positive power feed onto the wrong track after one of the points.

It now runs fantastically and I can now start re-ballasting the track. to what it was before I had to start re-ballasting it.

Now I can get on with the dc side of the track by putting in the auto shuttle in place.

Thanks guys
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