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Hiya group,

I use the dynamis e-z command station and like to have as many locos running as I can handle, I'm also thinking of buying a dcc sound loco too.

to cope with my power hungry ways
Im thinking of buying the e-z command 5amp power booster (56 520)

Just a few questions:

can this power booster be connected to my current dynamis? or is it just for the pro-box which is'nt out yet?

If it can be connected to my dyamis - is it straight forward, and will it replace my the wall mounted transformer it came with?

any help/pointers/advice would be great - electrics are a complete mystery to me!



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Hi Bren

The EZ Command 5 amp booster with transformer can be connected to the Dynamis Command station
They give you a connection cable with the booster that connects the two together
The Power Booster is connected between the Command station and the Track So the power supply for the Dynamis Command Station must be retained

The Standard Dynamis Command Station should be able to control at least 6 Locomotives (even with sound) at once as it has 2.5 Amp available power.


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