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Earl Carins

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Hi Everyone I bought a Hornby Castle Class loco at a toy fair its about 5 years old and was mint in the box with all its paperwork, I ran it for about an hour on its first outing but on the next run about a day latter it ran slow for about 10 min. then ran normal.
Ok so here,s the Q why after about 15 min,s on the layout today it stopped with smoke coming out of the loco !
Wonder if enyone has a sugestion on what happend ? and is this going to be expensive?
( this modal is made in China ) Best Regards Bac Cab
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Hello "Back Cab" If it where me having this problem, i think i would tackle it in this way. 1) remove the body to expose the inner workings, 2) before doing any more check all the electrical connections are sound, if there not, put them right at this stage, if alls ok 3) remove the motor from the body, then check that the chassis will run along the track freely by gently pushing it, check for any tight spots, it may need oiling or even a good cleaning, if alls well 4) try to run the motor out of the loco to see how it performs, its should run warm but not hot, if its running hot the motor could be faulty.
Good Luck.....
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If it's been sitting unused for four years the oil has probably dried out. Get some good oil for model trains from your local model shop and apply very small drops with a pin to the wheels etc as described in the leaflet that came with the loco. Do not use WD40 or any other spray lubricant - precise application is needed for best results.
Good running,
John Webb
Hmmmmm...,sounds as if the armature may have burnt out

The common fault with these ex-Dapol locos is that the brush springs lose their tension,and so the brushes sieze in their guides -causing very erratic running,strip the motor down,degrease,check that the armature hasn't burnt out,and re-assemble making sure the brushes slide ok,the springs can be stretched out if neccesary,or replaced...
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