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East Midlands Franchise Colour Scheme

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New East Midlands franchise colour scheme has just been announced. This Franchise is being taken over by stagecoach. The colours involved are very similar to those used on the 442 and 444 electrics.

Looks very nice on the artists impression of Meridian.

More details on

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Isn't it national Express who have won the East Coast
BBC seem to think so

Hopefully they will mingle the liveries into their Midland Mainline as well


Something very strange going on here. BBC has National Express winning the EC franchise and also state they own Midland Mainline which I believe is correct

RB's link states Stagecoach is the owner of the Midland Mainline franchise
Or is this a case of present and future owners

Still no "00" meridian though either way. By the way the new livery looks horrible IMHO.

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It does seem strange that NE loose one franchise and gain another.

I suppose the ECML is more of a catch than my local MML/central region but looking at the root map is a smaller franchise.

I just hope I can get a 222 at some stage this decade

I can't see that livery lasting long in a clean state going by the local stagecoach buses as they are filthy

I quite liked the MML and GNER liveries as well.

Oh hum back to waiting and hoping
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