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Ebay bargain!

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I am currently building an O scale layout so I have various searches saved on Ebay. This one came up this morning and it is so bizarre I just had to share it - have a look and see what you think. The description and photos are a little lacking methinks!

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PS Coming back at 5pm I have seen that the seller has changed the photo and sold it! In case you are wondering the original photo was of it all wrapped up in black plastic so all you could see was what looked like a coffin shaped parcel and the description was "Coaling tower, despatched by Hermes tracked!" Perhaps he read my post?
You may well, yet, be grateful for missing that buy. There will be other ones that will appear and may be a better / safer buy. It's always disappointing to miss what looks like a tempting buy, but sometimes it is best to wait for something with better pedigree.

Regards and sympathy

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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