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QUOTE (Gary @ 19 Oct 2007, 15:04) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>That could certainly contribute to eBay volumes being 25% down.

The eBay share price dropped 6% in the last day or two.

Could it be that eBay shareholders are reading this topic...

Swapmeet attendances in the UK are rising strongly so all in all it does seem that the ralway modelling fraternity are rebelling against eBay!
This is all complete nonsense Gary!!

On 21/10/06 there are 16012 items in the OO category and 22364 in model railways on eBay (deducting finescale and other and catalogues)
On 16/10/07 there are 11950 items in the OO category and 16595 in model railways on eBay (deducting finescale and other and catalogues)
On 19/10/07 there are 13638 items in the OO category and 19131 in model railways on eBay (deducting finescale and other and catalogues)

In other words it goes up and it goes down!!

How can you derive long term trends from just two datapoints one year apart in a highly dynamic market place?! The volume of listed items fluctuates significantly on eBay, it varies with the day of the week and is strongly influenced by free listing days, by the dates on which new models arrive in shops, bank holidays, sporting event finals etc.

Trade sellers use eBay because there is a profit to be made! Whether small or large is another question.

Sales volumes are down by 25% comparing two random days a year apart yes, but without a chart plotting listing volumes against time at regular intervals over the year any attempt to pin long term trends onto this is foolish! So total sales up 21% in the last three days which means modellers are now rebelling against swapmeets??!! Of course not...

Share prices fluctuate heavily so eBay being down 6% today and up 3% tomorrow is irrelevant.

eBay shareholders are clearly not reading this topic - otherwise they would have objected to your blatant fiction-painting Gary! Did you make a bad deal or get ripped off on eBay at some point because you seem determined to paint a falsely negative picture...?

Or are you just using anti-eBay spin to reset the cosmic fiction balance after all the subversive pro-Hornby spin?

I would appreciate some data on swapmeet attendances, since this is a thread on stats and there are rather few to be spinning with.
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