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QUOTE (Gary @ 22 Oct 2006, 21:11) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The .com eBay is the American site and curently there are 25709 HO items and 612 OO items. You have to view the "Toys and Hobbies" category rather than the "Collectibles" category. The British seem to take an entirely different view of railway models to the rest of the world. Hornby and Bachmann both consider themselves to offer "collectibles" and not "toys" or "hobby" products. The adult collector is almost certainly their biggest customer and British eBay have probably taken this onboard.

Thinking about it considering how massive America is and how big the hobby is said to be there it seems a little odd that eBay America has only about 10% more HO listings than eBay UK has OO listings.

Any ideas why this is?

Whether the sale item is sold as a collectable or a toy is entirely down to the seller and how he views the item he is selling. Remember a lot of the outline being sold will be by people who have inherited or been given as an unwanted present model rail goods.

Maybe the reason the Yanks aren't selling there stuff is that they are probably happy with it.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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