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Ecos 2 Power Supply

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Good Morning everyone, For those people who Operate with the ECOS Command Station, my power supply does not have a position Markings for Volts how can i adjust it for say 16volts/ How can i tell when it is the correct voltageThe min setting and max setting is just about acceptable but in between is rubbish anyone have a suitable way of checking voltage. Babs
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I have the mono ECoS which has a fixed output power supply so what follows is a guess - Is there a readout of the track voltage on one of the information tabs on the ECoS 2?

To measure the volts at the track I believe you can do it with a multimeter set to AC volts.
Alternatively various DCC accessory suppliers make DCC voltage meters. I have a RRampMeter which I got years ago long before DCC concepts brought out their Alpha DCC meter.
David Good Evening Thank you for your reply. I have been indisposed today( In Hospital ) Procedure Cancelled after 6hours of waiting since 07:00 am I will set it up tomorrow and see if I can make sense of it. I will keep you up to date. Babs
Thanks For caring. B:sneaky:
David Good Afternoon and anyone else who is interested. Walla.There is a third part of the Set up when you display this it will show the Voltage coming from the Power supply, When you alter the Power supply box it will accurately display the Voltage set as well as other parameters. it is the same old story RTFQ= 1/2 TBA. Thank you for your input. It is on page 40 of the Manual you would have thought it would be around the Beginning.
Take Care Babs
Hi Alan Nice to hear from you. It was a disaster yesterday for me its been going on 4 years. Anyway Sorry to hear you had no internet since saturday it is surprising how much in daily life we depend on it now.Trains I was surprised i found it on page 40 you would of thought it would be near the beginning. I was surprised at the size of the Ecos2. I do not remember what the first ones size was. The screen is Excellent I am mainly going to use it for my G Scale I hope you are well. Babs
1 - 6 of 10 Posts
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