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Ecos 2 Power Supply

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Good Morning everyone, For those people who Operate with the ECOS Command Station, my power supply does not have a position Markings for Volts how can i adjust it for say 16volts/ How can i tell when it is the correct voltageThe min setting and max setting is just about acceptable but in between is rubbish anyone have a suitable way of checking voltage. Babs
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I have the mono ECoS which has a fixed output power supply so what follows is a guess - Is there a readout of the track voltage on one of the information tabs on the ECoS 2?

To measure the volts at the track I believe you can do it with a multimeter set to AC volts.
Alternatively various DCC accessory suppliers make DCC voltage meters. I have a RRampMeter which I got years ago long before DCC concepts brought out their Alpha DCC meter.
Poor you. :(
Glad you got it sorted. :)
I guessed it had to be in there somewhere...

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1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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