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Hi gents ,

I need some assistance with a problem my ECoS has developed. It would seem the layout loses power for a second which causes the running loco (s) to stop & the ones parked up but still with headlights on to flick off & back on again.

Also I have four DCC concepts colbalts attached to the dcc supply, these go through a power on self test at the same time of the power loss.

I've checked the ECoS display to see if I get a short circuit fault but nothing indicated.

If anyone could shed some light on this fault that would be great.

Yours faithfully,

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Hi Mike I had a similar problem with my ECOS. The issue I have is caused by the power lead into the ECOS.
If I use it hand held when I move sometimes the jack plug, which has a little play, causes the power to the ECOS to be interrupted.
What it shows at the top is the lightening symbol to show interruption of power.
Both the power supply and ECOS went back to ESU and both came back with clean bill of health.
I subsequently discovered the cause of the power interrupt and rarely now use it hand held.
Ian M
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