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I bought an ECoS recently and if I recall correctly when I turned it on it had all the icons across the top of the screen, but only gave me the left hand side "speedometer". It was not until I programmed in additional locos and clicked on the right side select loco icon and selected a loco that I got the right hand side "speedo" etc. If you can see the symbols all the way across the top of the LED panel but nothing below them then selecting another loco on that side may cure the problem. You don't see the Function symbols until you have selected a loco, and even then they will only be shown for the functions active for that loco. I think for new locos it always shows default function symbols for Functions F0-F8.

Interestingly the green Go light on mine is also very, very, weak. I suspect that the LED for that isn't actually imemdiately below the button, but I don't intend taking the top off to find out, at least not when it's still only days old. The important thing is that the Red Stop one is clear to see.

I'm very pleased with the ECoS, and have asked ECoS if they plan to release UK loco symbols or if they intend to allow users to edit the symbols or create their own.

I agree with the comment that they need a support group in english if they're ever going to deliver sales in the US, I'm not sure that us UK users are numerous enough to make it worth their while on our own.
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