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ECOS Firmware upgrade 1.1.3

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Help required.
I'm been trying to get to the download page for the firmware upgrade 1.1.3 on the ESU web site with no luck.
I've logged in to the forum because I thought that might be the problem.
Anyone know if there is any issues with the upgrade and if someone as the file could they possibly email it

Thanks in anticipation
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Hi Dizzie.

I'm a member of the ESU Forum and several people have reported the same problem. ESU are apparently now aware of this and expect to fix it shortly. It may already be fixed in fact.

I always upload the latest updates to the files area on the yahoo Ecos Group. You can download it from there.

Yahoo Ecos Group

Of course you'll probably have to join the group too.

Kind Regards


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Thanks a lot, downloaded the firmware.
Is there any known issues I should know about before installation begins and is it straight forward to do.

Again many thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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