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As all you ECoS users will now be aware the latest software upgrade came out a couple of days ago. This provides some corrections to various glitches such as the random appearance of German labels on some menu items e.g. the turntable function is no longer the Drehscheibe .

In the turntable menu it says you can use a Maerklin turntable decoder or a LokPilot. Has anyone tried the LokPilot to control their turntable?

Apparently the shuttle train function now works perfectly too!

What I had noticed was that one of the features of this upgrade was the addittion of about twenty or thirty new Loco ikons to choose from. There are some good one like the Glaskasten, ICE1 and 2 and the VT 11.5 but there seems to be about ten to fifteen electric locos which all look pretty much the same. Come to think of it more than half the ikons are electric locos. Does anyone else think that electric locos are just a bit over represented ?

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QUOTE (Dennis David @ 7 Aug 2007, 14:30) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Maybe when they start including proper pantographs with their models or when hell freezes over, which ever comes first.

Just ordered the huskies.........................

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