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Ecos Switchpilot

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Hi to everyone i am a new member today. I have recently got back into 00 gauge after packing the Zero 1 away 20 years ago!!. I have jumped in fully and have bought a Ecos and one switchpilot. Intend to construct a layout with atleast 20 turnouts. I have read many of your posts on the switchpilot and it seems i may have bought the wrong static decoder but as i have it now i may aswell have a go with it. Can anyone advise which turnout motor to use with code 100 peco streamline electrofrog turnouts. I realise it has to be a solenoid type and intend to use a separate power supply but will i need a CDU also? or is the switchpilot man enough. I will also be adapting all my peco turnouts to dcc so polarizing will be necessary. I also intend to place the motors beneath my board but will only have about 4 inchs (100mm) between the board and the loft floor. Many thanks Dave
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Thanks Neil for your quick reply, i have read many of your blogs etc which alerted me to the short comings of the switchpilot. My real question was which is the best solenoid turnout motor to use with the switchpilot? I would add what is the best turnout decoder to use with the Ecos with solenoid turnouts? May i say that i have read many of the blogs and looked at the pictures of many of your layouts and can say that i only hope that i can one day produce a layout worthy of description and also hope one day i can add something of interest to others on this site. Until then i will be using your wealth of knowledge. Thanks again Dave
Hi Neil

I am using peco code 100 track as i have quite a few turnouts and rolling stock from my youth. Fortunately i packed it away in an air tight container which has prevented very little tarnishing and all work very well. I am only thinking about using the solenoid type turnout motors as I only have 100mm under my proposed layout. I live in a 300 year house which has mostly vaulted ceilings. The only loft is over a 1950's extension, its L shaped with one leg 5 metres long and the other 6 metres, however they are not much more than 2.5M wide. Therefore vertical head room is not much more than a metre. I have insulated the pitched roofs, so no condensation and wild temperature fluctuations are expected. I have very carefully measured the dimensions etc and plotted them in autoCAD - day job is a Structural Engineer. I am currently constructing the initial 5M x 500MM base boards in three 1.8M section in my workshop. Intend to lay track and turnouts on these sections before installing within loft area. Getting back to the point of my original question can you suggest a slow motion motor which is small enough to fit under my board and hence a suitable accessory decoder for it. I plan to have easy access to any accessory decoder i install using a shelf system i have already built and tested. I must add that i like the idea of railcom which the switchpilot is capable of. Any advice i am sure you have would be greatly appreciated.


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Thanks for your advice again Neil. I have seen the conrad motors for about 7 euros on there website but the delivery to uk adds another 12 euros so not efficient for low quantity buys, they do offer reductions for 5+ and 10+ motors which appears to be for the same delivery cost. I may give the tillig and Lenz LS150 decoder. On the Switchpiot issue I bought a single peco motor yesterday from local shop for £3. Used a car bulb and programming track to change the cv setting to (1) Peco motors and followed the ecos instructions for the turnouts and had the ecos switching the point in less five minutes to my surprise. Any way thanks again neil. I have read your blog including the s88 etc very interesting and as i have a passion for technology will be setting up a shuttle. May however require your assistance again when it comes final design of technical issues but until then hope the weathers good for you. Off to the football tonight and its already below zero.


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