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Ecos Switchpilot

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Hi to everyone i am a new member today. I have recently got back into 00 gauge after packing the Zero 1 away 20 years ago!!. I have jumped in fully and have bought a Ecos and one switchpilot. Intend to construct a layout with atleast 20 turnouts. I have read many of your posts on the switchpilot and it seems i may have bought the wrong static decoder but as i have it now i may aswell have a go with it. Can anyone advise which turnout motor to use with code 100 peco streamline electrofrog turnouts. I realise it has to be a solenoid type and intend to use a separate power supply but will i need a CDU also? or is the switchpilot man enough. I will also be adapting all my peco turnouts to dcc so polarizing will be necessary. I also intend to place the motors beneath my board but will only have about 4 inchs (100mm) between the board and the loft floor. Many thanks Dave
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The Switch pilot is supposed to be able to do this however you have to reprogramme it for PECO point motors. In order to do this you have to attach it to the programming track in a certain way explained in the manual involving a resistor between two terminals. Try it as stated in the manual first and if it is insufficient then look into alternative methods.
Hi Dave,

I don't really use solenoid point motors other than a few left over PECO ones. I prefer the slow motion motors for which you need the SP extension. I chose to discontinue use of the SP as it was uneconomical. The SP is mainly designed to be compatible with Continental solenoid point motors which need lees oomph than the PECO however they have designed the SP so that it is compatible with PECO point motors too. It is worth giving it a try to see if they work OK. The Continental solenoid motors are mainly designed to clip into the track made by the same manufacturer as per ROCO, Flieshmann and Maerklin therefore they will not be much use with PECO track. What track are you using?

Thanks for your kind comments.


For slow motion motors in a small space I found Tillig motors to be good. Tortoise are better but require substantially more space as they are far taller. Conrad and Fulgurex also make slow motion point motors but I have never been able to source them to try them.

You will need the SP extension to control these as the SP will only switch snap action points (solenoids).

This blog entry has details of point motors if you scroll down a bit.
QUOTE (jonnyfivesalive @ 10 Dec 2008, 05:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thanks for your advice again Neil. I have seen the conrad motors for about 7 euros on there website but the delivery to uk adds another 12 euros so not efficient for low quantity buys, they do offer reductions for 5+ and 10+ motors which appears to be for the same delivery cost. I may give the tillig and Lenz LS150 decoder. On the Switchpiot issue I bought a single peco motor yesterday from local shop for £3. Used a car bulb and programming track to change the cv setting to (1) Peco motors and followed the ecos instructions for the turnouts and had the ecos switching the point in less five minutes to my surprise. Any way thanks again neil. I have read your blog including the s88 etc very interesting and as i have a passion for technology will be setting up a shuttle. May however require your assistance again when it comes final design of technical issues but until then hope the weathers good for you. Off to the football tonight and its already below zero.


No problem Dave. Luckily for me it's been eight years since I experienced zero degrees. The weathers not that great here at the moment raining and cool but I like that as it's like summer at home.


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